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BBA – International Business Management

Program Duration Credits Faculty Intakes BBA 4 Years 138 Business Administration August/January   At UTCC-iSM, we offer a Bachelor of Business Administration major in International Business Management (IBM). It is a 4-year degree program spread across 8 terms. The program is delivered entirely in English. To successfully graduate BBA at UTCC – International School of…

Dr. Sumitra Auschaitrakul

Dr. Sumitra Auschaitrakul  (Ph.D.) Title: Assistant Professor in Marketing Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals • Auschaitrakul, S., & Mukherjee, A. (2017). Online display advertising: The influence of web site type on advertising effectiveness. Psychology & Marketing, 34(4), 463-480. • King, D., & Auschaitrakul, S. (2020). Symbolic Sequence Effects on Consumers’ Judgments of Truth for Brand Claims. Journal of Consumer…

Design Thinking

UTCC International offered a very distincive course called Design Thinking course. This course which is led by Mr. Jakraphun Thanateeranon, Associate Dean for Student Affairs at UTCC International expsed the 19 students from Hue University, Vietnam and the 5 students from Peixian International College, China to a systematic approach to handleing problems and generating new…

Business Networking Gala Dinner

Business Networking Gala Dinner

Mr. Karin Sarasin, Chairman of Thai Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and Chairman of Board of Trade of Thailand’s Board of Directors presided over the opening Business Seminar and gave a speech to 300 alumni at UMFCCI in the morning session and joined the Network Gala Dinner at Park Royal Hotel, Yangon.